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In every bed built by Indian Trail Furniture there is quality workmanship that assures many years of endurance. This workmanship can be found in the attention to detail that makes each bed unique and beautiful. That is why we are a leader in the Northern Indiana furniture industry. Because we believe that having full control over the creation of each piece along with decades of experience means you get precisely the product we want you to get.

HANDCRAFTED BEDS by Indian Trail Furniture

Bookcase Beds, Howe, IN

Bookcase Beds

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Bunk Beds, Howe, IN

Bunk Beds

Browse our hand crafted bunk beds
Contemporary Beds, Howe, IN

Contemporary Beds

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Day Beds, Howe, IN

Day Beds

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Impressive Beds, Howe, IN

Impressive Beds

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Mission Beds, Howe, IN

Mission Beds

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Panel Beds, Howe, IN

Panel Beds

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Sleigh Beds, Howe, IN

Sleigh Beds

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Spindle Beds, Howe, IN

Spindle Beds

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Traditional Beds, Howe, IN

Traditional Beds

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Wrap Around Beds, Howe, IN

Wrap Arounds

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**Indian Trail Woodworking works closely with J & R Woodworking of LaGrange, IN to furnish complete bedroom sets. They specialize in hand crafted, hardwood bedroom furniture that fit perfectly with Indian Trail Furniture beds. To learn more about the J & R Woodworking bedroom furniture that accompanies our beds, visit their website here.

The Beauty Of Hardwood

We at Indian Trail Furniture build beds out of hardwood, which is an open grained wood. Solid wood beds will expand and contract with humidity and temperature changes even after high quality finishes have been applied. Controlling humidity will minimize the minor cracking and movement. This is a natural part of the wood character. Humidity should be kept in the 35-40% range to minimize these effects. Out of this range, solid wood will expand and contract, causing cracks, gaps, and panel movement that add to its character and beauty.

With proper care, solid beds will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and enduring beauty.

Handcrafted Hardwood Beds

The Importance Of Quality

In 2016 we conducted a survey on bed rail fasteners. The results showed us we needed to go with brackets. The most common comment we received was "we need it customer friendly so that the customer can set up by themselves and no questions need to be asked." So we looked for a good solid bracket and came up with one that is made of steel - providing the strongest construction. It has a ledge on the bottom for the rail to rest on, so all the weight is on the bracket. The bracket is then fastened to the head and foot boards by two hardened steel lags. We use dovetail slat construction with four slats per bed. King size beds have four support legs and queen size beds have two. These features add strength and durability to each bed. 

Because there is nothing like quality construction...